Happy Birthday Edible Drinks Toppers


Discover the perfect finishing touch for your birthday celebrations with Happy Birthday Edible Drinks Toppers. Elevate your party beverages with these delightful and customizable toppers, adding a dash of fun and flavor to your drinks. Make every sip a memorable one with our range of edible birthday-themed designs. Elevate your next celebration and impress your guests with these unique and delicious drink accessories. Shop now for the ultimate birthday drink upgrade!

They float on drinks for 20-30 seconds.
Our toppers come precut and ready to use.

Available sizes:

24 Round Toppers at 1.5 inches
15 Round Toppers at 2 inches
6 Round Toppers at 3 inches

1.5 inches toppers are perfect for shot glasses.
2 inches toppers will fit most other glasses.
3 inches toppers are perfect for larger style gin/cocktail glasses.


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