Happy New Year Edible Drinks Toppers


Ring in the New Year with a sweet and delightful twist! Our Happy New Year Edible Drinks Toppers are the perfect way to elevate your celebratory beverages. Crafted with precision and designed to add a touch of magic to your drinks, these toppers feature intricate edible designs that are both visually stunning and delicious. Whether you’re hosting a party, toasting with friends, or simply enjoying a cozy night in, our Edible Drinks Toppers will make your New Year’s celebration extra special. Explore our unique selection of New Year-themed designs and bring a dash of joy to every sip. Get ready to clink your glasses with style and taste – order your Edible Drinks Toppers today!

They float on drinks for 20-30 seconds.
Our toppers come precut and ready to use.

Available sizes:

24 Round Toppers at 1.5 inches
15 Round Toppers at 2 inches
6 Round Toppers at 3 inches

1.5 inches toppers are perfect for shot glasses.
2 inches toppers will fit most other glasses.
3 inches toppers are perfect for larger style gin/cocktail glasses.


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